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AI Application Development Company

Smarter Business with AI

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The effect of AI on nearly every industry is set to exponentially over the next five years. Nimble AppGenie’s expertise, helps businesses to be at the forefront of this change.

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Empowering Growth and Efficiency with AI-Driven Solutions

At Nimble AppGenie, we are committed to delivering top-notch and best-in-class solutions that will cater to the demands and requirements of your clients. Our expert developers boost up AI development with various types of AI technologies including Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, NLP, and many more to maximize the ROI of your business by automating the business operations. We develop extensible solutions that can be easily integrated with your client’s business models to fuel the growth of their business.

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AI for Marketing Solutions

AI provokes companies to make better marketing decisions by providing detailed insights into the business. With our AI-powered intelligent marketing solutions, you can understand your customers in real-time.

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AI for Customer Services

With our AI-based customer solutions, you can easily enhance the personalization of customer services. Moreover, it can also help you to quickly analyze the customer data for providing better services.

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AI to Boost Sales

By making your technology understand your email, phone, and interactions with the clients, you can improve the sales of your business. With our AI-driven products, you can enhance the accuracy of your sales to turn them into leads.

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Smarter Business with AI

Being one of the top AI solution providers, with our solutions, your business can achieve results with higher-accuracy. Our high-quality AI-driven products will enable you to take the complete advantage of your minimized infrastructure and labor cost.

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Machine Learning

The integration of ML in AI solutions helps business enterprises in searching the hidden insights of their business. Our AI solutions are integrated with seamless machine learning tools and automated engineering technologies for better and faster decision making.

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Natural Language Processing(NLP)

We provide AI solutions integrated with NLP technology for improved business insight extraction. NLP enhances the interaction, communications between humans and machines. Our AI solutions are integrated with NLP for the automatic extraction of critical business insights from a large amount of structured content.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Integrating AI in business solutions eliminates human efforts by automating the repetitive tasks with human intelligence like decision-making, language translation, speech recognition, and visual perception. Artificial Intelligence can also help in growing business in various ways.

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Reduced Errors

Decisions taken by Artificial Intelligence are based on the information that is gathered using various algorithms, and due to this the chances of errors are reduced and accuracy is improved.

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24/7 Availability

The integration of Artificial Intelligence will enable the machines to work 24x7 without any breaks. This will help your business to grow faster with improved productivity of solutions.

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Digital Assistance

Most organizations use digital assistants to interact with their clients for providing them real-time solutions to their problems. Chatbots integrated with Artificial Intelligence helps the customer in more enhanced ways.

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Artificial Intelligence App

AI in Finance

The fintech industry is one of the earliest adopters of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, and others. With the integration of AI in the financial sector, the companies have increased their revenues by around 40% on average.

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KYC and AML Compilation

By combining the OCR and Computer Vision with the AI, the solutions can easily process the data from various sources in real-time. AI also helps in enhancing the Due Diligence framework within the organization.

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Conversational AI

In the upcoming decades, conversational UI will be going to be the topmost priority by replacing the web and mobile interfaces. Moreover, it is going to evolve human and machine interactions.

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Fraud Prevention

Traditional fraud detection methods are not efficient enough, due to which several billion are lost per year. With AI algorithms and Big Data technologies, fraud detection can be effectively reduced.

Industries Using AI

Since AI and Ml can be integrated with almost every sector or industry, many fields have already started reaping the benefits that AI holds.

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Technology and Tools We Use

With hands-on experience on trends like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we use latest technologies for integrating these trends into mobile and web applications, to make the applications more seamless and flexible for users.

Data Science & Analytics

  • Apache
  • Hadoop
  • Flume
  • Spark

Data Visualization

  • Tableau
  • Periscope Data

Data Warehouse

  • MongoDB
  • Amazon Web Services
  • NoSQL

Backend Frontend API.

  • Python
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Node JS
  • Angular JS
  • jQuery
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