Prototyping gives clients a clear idea about the app features, functionality, parameters and layout. The process allows clients to decide the app flow before development. Visualising your product structure before starting development ensures that you are going to receive a product that meets or exceeds your original vision.

After having initial conversations with our clients, we start documenting information we have received from the client. In this process, we will place app screens in optimum sequences, so that flow of the app will make logical sense to the end-user. The prototyping process will also consist of technology suggestions for the design, plan, and development of your project and development plan.

Once we have a clear understanding of the project, then the wireframe development process will commence. This process will give clients a basic view of the app structure and flow, as we will design the wireframes for each screen of your concept. These screens will give you a basic view of how and what your app is going to look like. Once the designs are complete, it will be then be shared with you for your approval.

Once the wireframes have been approved, our creative designers will start designing blueprints for your app concept. The whole development process will be focused on designing a modern, attractive and user centric app. The blueprints will be marked completed after your approval and then sent to the development team.

At this point, with a complete blue print and development plan, we are ready to start development of the User interface. In this process, the blue prints will be converted into the working mobile app user interface, which will give the client a clear idea of how the app will look and work.

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