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Top rated mobile app developer Spain and MalaysiaVenn

Venn helps you to meet new people that love doing the activities that you love.I t connects you with nearby people who have similar interests, and gives you the freedom to schedule a meet up, vote for a meet up location,and have a group chat with people who want to do the same activities as you.

Technical Implementations

  1. Connects you with peoples nearby that have same the interest as you
  2. Create groups of peoples who are interested in same activity
  3. Vote for meet up locations
  4. Asked vote for suggest meet up location
  5. Group chats
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iPhone app development company Netherlands and KenyaHotel Dekho

Booking your hotel online is now just a next door thing for you. Come and join over 6 million people in choosing and booking your best hotels through HotelDekho.Com. HotelDekho is an Online Hotel Booking portal that will help you in booking the hotels of your choice.

Technical Implementations

  1. Find best hotel deals
  2. Book best tour packages
  3. Instant near by hotel booking
  4. Rating & Review system
  5. Easy cancellation policy
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iPad app developer Greece and Saudi ArabiaLoveHunch

Most people make partner choices based on looks, but spending time with someone who appreciates the real you is far more rewarding. Using LoveHunch’s two-stage matching process, friendship will be the core of your relationship!

Technical Implementations

  1. Two stage matching process
  2. Unqiue approach of meeting new peoples
  3. Easy, instant & responsive chat system
  4. Personality questions
  5. Likes & dislikes
Mobile app developer Portugal and Saudi Arabia best Mobile app developer
Android app developer Sweden and Australia

iPad app developer Hungary and United Arab EmiratesRwingit

RingIt is a social media platform created for patriotic Americans who embrace such values as Accountability of Self, the Rule of Law, Freedom of Speech, Capitalism, the Constitution, and the uniquegreatness of the United States of America!

Technical Implementations

  1. Connect with your friends and family
  2. Can follow and unfollow users
  3. Easy, instant & responsive chat system
  4. Post on your timeline
  5. Likes & dislikes
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iPhone app development company indonesiaGulu

Golu is a Mentorship app. Where you can find out or choose between qualified Mentors to teach or help you with your school/college work or any other kind of project.

Technical Implementations

  1. Sign up as a Mentor or Mentee
  2. Find out active discussions
  3. Hire between qualified mentors
  4. Rating & Review system
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Android app developer Bulgaria and Belgium

iPad app developer Denmark and NigeriaAirPool

AirPool Is a Cab booking mobile application. You can book nearby available cabs through this application!

Technical Implementations

  1. Find nearby cabs
  2. Book a cab
  3. Pay for the ride
  4. Live tracking
  5. Ratings & Review system
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iPad app developer in Ireland and DallasiNeed

iNeedPro is a mobile platform which connects professionals to local demand.

Technical Implementations

  1. Sign up as a provider or seeker
  2. Find out interested local service professionals
  3. Connect with them and hire them through the app
  4. Ratings & Reviews
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iPhone app development company Albania and South AfricaRight inventory

Right inventory is a property inventory software for independent inventory clerks,agents property managers and private landlords.

Technical Implementations

  1. Create, edit and view inventory reports
  2. Select from pre configure properties, rooms and items
  3. Generate PDF of inventory reports
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