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Category - On Demand (Table Booking)

Are you a food lover who loves to taste a new recipe every day, then this app is definitely for you? Tawlety is basically a table reservation app. Tawlety allows the users to book a table at their favourite restaurant just with the help of a few taps. The application also provides some additional details of the restaurant like the food menu, location, opening time, etc. and it can be accessed on both iOS and Android platform.


Font Family

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Well, there is no one who doesn’t love to eat delicious dishes. Tawlety makes the dining experience more interesting and enjoyable for food lovers. The cross-platform support feature of the app makes the downloading easy and free for both iOS and Android users.


User Interface Designs

Nimble AppGenie has an excellent reputation for producing stunning designs. We have achieved this again with the design of theTawlety application. The Tawlety team provided the theme that they wanted to create. We used this brand theme as inspiration for the UI’s, and the Tawlety team loved the end result!


Book a table

Got a sudden party plan or want to throw a surprise party or want to go out for a family dinner. With the Tawlety app, you can reserve a table at your favourite restaurant according to your preferred date and time.


My Bookings

Under this section, the users can view all the past and upcoming bookings. Users can also update or edit the date and timings of the upcoming changes according to their preference.



Whenever a new offer arrives the users are notified with it through push notifications or in-app notifications. Moreover, these notifications also remind the user about upcoming bookings.



The home sections contain a list of all the nearby and featured restaurants. Users can either choose a restaurant from the list or they can search for their favourite restaurant from the search bar.


Listing Restaurant

Owners can improve the ROI of their business by getting their restaurant listed in the app. They can also ask for getting listed in the featured section of the app for better user engagement.


Restaurant Details

The app also features the details of each restaurant mentioned in the list. So before choosing any restaurant, the user can check the various details of the restaurant like ratings, services and customer reviews.



Here the user can set add more details like location and preference for better and improved search results. They can also choose whether they want to exclude the restaurants that serve non-veg food also.



Tawlety allows the customers to order their favourite food from their homes while bingeing the latest Netflix shows. For working parents, the app is most useful as they can easily order the food with the help of just a few taps, for their family.

Discover New Restaurants

Every day more and more restaurants are joining this food delivery chain which allows the customer to choose from hundreds of options everyday. This makes it interesting for costumers to enjoy new taste every day.

24/7 Services

Online food delivery takes no time bar as the food delivery services are catered to users all the time. Nowadays people enjoy fast food more than traditional foods

Workaholics, Don’t Starve Anymore

As a profession-driven person, you can miss your diet but you can’t miss your deadline. With Tawlety, you can quickly order your favourite munchies from the nearby restaurants and grab a bite in no while.

Quite Side Table

Avoid last-minute booking problems and get your favourite table reserved at your favourite restaurant to avoid waiting for queues. The app also notifies you if there any chances of cancellation so that you can book another table in a nearby restaurant.

Explore Restaurants

If you are travelling to a new city and you don’t have much knowledge about where you can have a tasty and delicious dinner. Then Tawlety has got your back, the app lists all the nearby restaurants with details like customer reviews, restaurant timings, and many more.