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C a s e S t u d y

A Currency Exchange Platform

FinTech App

Development Time:
1 Month

Launch Date:
March 2021

SatBorsa is a currency exchange platform that allows users to check currency exchange rates for several popular currencies including Iraqi dinar, US Dollars, and Euro. We built the iOS and Android mobile app for the users and an additional Android mobile app for the app admin to manage the app content and data.

Native for Android and iOS

The SatBorsa target audience in the Iraqi market are equally divided into iOS and Android users. Hence, we built the SatBorsa app native for Android and iOS, which aided us to deliver flawless UI/UX and ensure maximum security for the app.

Executive Summary

Our client, SatBorsa, got in touch with us to get their currency exchange app developed. As the target market was Iraq, the standard currency and language used in the app was Iraqi dinar and Arabic. For many, managing the content in foreign languages is hectic, but our experienced developers at Nimble AppGenie were dexterous enough to launch the app with no extra time requirement.

Our team was very nimble in onboarding to the project. The requirement gathering and analyzing phase didn’t last long, as we are very experienced in FinTech app development. We divided the project into several sprints, to enable an iterative development approach. A perfect blend of Agile and DevOps allowed us to deliver the project within the pre-defined timeframe and budget.

Adobe XD
Swift 4

The Technology

Business Challenge

Although the SatBorsa project didn’t have any complex functionalities, the real challenge was to develop the app within the given time-frame and budget. The client’s requirements included multi-language support, user authentication process, and native apps for Android and iOS, which tend to escalate the total development time and cost.

We made use of best development approaches to eliminate the risk of project failure in regards to development time escalation. To be frank, the reason we could deliver the project so quickly and efficiently is because we have experienced FinTech developers that have built several FinTech apps over the years. Our expertise in using a mix of Agile and DevOps was another major factor for the effective project delivery.

THE Solution

  • Iterative Development Approach

    Although the project requirements were clearly defined at the initiation stage, we divided the project into several development sprints, where each sprint lasted a week. Our agile approach allowed us to frequently share the deliverables with the client and receive feedback for each sprint.
  • Native Apps for iOS and Android

    The client wanted the app to be robust, secure, and able to run smoothly on all the mobile devices. Building separate native mobile apps for iOS and Android was the best approach to ensure these requirements were delivered.
  • Android App for Admin

    As the currency rates are frequently updated by the admin, the admin would require an app or web-based interface, where they can manage the entire app. We built an Android app for the admin, which allows them to be able to manage the app content and users via mobile phones.
  • Dynamic Exchange Rate Management

    We built an app admin panel that allowed administrators to manage the exchange rate between two currencies. The admins would access the panel via their Android mobile app to change the exchange rate ‘Bid’ or ‘Ask’ prices. The admins can even set currency exchange rates for different cities in Iraq.

Feature Set

Seamless Onboarding

While registering to the SatBorsa app, the users are required to provide their username, phone number, and password. As soon as the user submits the registration form, the admin will provide the users with access to the app’s paid functions.


The screen provides users with the currency exchange rates between two currencies in a format of Ask and Bid. Accessing the Market screen doesn’t require users to register to the SatBorsa app. The admin can manage this feature/screen dynamically.


This feature allows users to check currency exchange rates in different cities of Iraq. Only the registered users can access this feature. The exchange rates are dynamically manageable from the admin app.

Multi-Language Support

The app can be used in three different languages - Arabic, Kurdish, and English. The languages can be changed via the setting menu.

Admin Panel

The admin can manage users, exchange rates, and news sections via the mobile app that we built for Android. The admin app can also manage the users’ subscriptions.

Business Benefits

  • User Prefered Language Support
  • Easy Manageable Mobile Apps
  • Faster Return on Investment
  • Premium Security Functionalities

User Experience

Project Management Approach

We made use of a mix of Agile and DevOps to keep the client within the development loop and deliver the project on time. Our DevOps approach, allowed us to bridge the gap between the development and operations team to speedup the project delivery. Although the requirements were quite clear at the beginning, we used Agile to deliver regular project updates. The reason behind this was to ensure that our client is satisfied with the final delivery. We conducted scrums at the beginning of every week which allowed the client to share feedback on the deliverables.