General data protection regulation is a law created by the European parliament, introducing new GDPR rules in the replacement of the 1995 data protection law. It highly impacts a large number of companies that capture and hold individual’s data. Now companies can not reveal an individual’s data even if he is a consumer, provider or employee. Companies now must make their data store and deletions policy is transparent. This will strengthen the rights of the individual.

How It Will Affect Software Development?

Data processing: GDPR is all about an individual’s data protection, so if you have Europe based users, then you need to provide all the information related to data flow inside your organization. This includes: what data you are collecting from users? What will be the use of that particular data? Who will have access to this data? Where it will be stored? Developers will now need to clarify everything about the data processing inside their organization.


Direct consent: Previously user’s data has been used by some companies to sell for marketing purposes. After GDPR, companies need to provide detail on what data will be collected from the users, where it will be stored and how it will be used. Organizations must make sure that an individual’s data are protected and not being used for any kind of marketing without their knowledge.

Right to Access & Forgotten

Most individuals are very conscious of their personal information. They do not want to share their information with an untrusted source, making GDPR very useful for them. Now companies must make sure about the data protection of users, as the data must not be shared with third-party sources. At any time Individuals can request the data that companies are storing about them and that company then needs to respond within 30 days with the data.

Individuals can even request for the deletion of all the data companies storing about him/her. An organization will have 30 days to respond to this request.


GDPR is all about capturing, storing and protecting individual’s data. As a developer, you need to make sure to maintain coding standards and database protection. You must be transparent when data processing inside your organization.

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