Over the past few years, the eCommerce industry has reached a new height. It is evolving rapidly, it is making simpler for online buyers to get their desired product with fast delivery services. Earlier when the online retailers started their online store, they had limited options and there were not enough product categories. But with the passage of time, the industry is progressing fast. Now there more options& different categories of products are available in the online stores.

In the eCommerce world, the way these online marketplaces promoted their brands and services, it has increased their sales up to 23.7%. And it could be a never-ending process in the future also.

E-commerce Industry with Magento

When we talk about e-commerce development, there are lots of CMS platforms are available. But Magento eCommerce development is most preferred and best among all. It is an open-source e-commerce platform that helps the retailers to customize their online business. Along with that, it is one of the most popular and widely used e-commerce platforms in many countries. Magento is compatible with the operating system Linux. It offered some great features like a theme, wish list, favorites, product management, SEO tools, and stock market tools.

Magento E-commerce Trends

1. Digitalize mobile E-commerce

According to various studies and mobile e-commerce statistics, mobile users are increasing from the last few years. It significantly reflects that a Large; number of online buyers visit the eCommerce platform using their smartphones. So it clearly shows that the majority of eCommerce; users are from the mobile phone. So, if you are planning to make an eCommerce website; make sure your website is mobile-friendly as most of your customers use mobile devices.

2. Start selling on social media

In E-trade marketing, social media plays a very evolutionary role in marketing strategy. You can see around you, most people purchase their products online. So these online stores target their potential customers and increase brand awareness, share the latest product information; and take advantage of social media to promote their business in a faster way. Customer’s reaction to the product can be given in various ways like a comment, feedback, and rating that help the business to produce high revenue. To assist these commercial growths for your enterprise, you can start the social media campaign on the Magento eCommerce website or application.

3. Mobile Payment in Ecommerce

The E-commerce network is emerging and adding all kinds of payment gateway methods. These payment gateway methods and transaction technologies have become more secure, instant and reliable to the user. People are widely accepting this payment method as they are protected and fast on their mobile devices. In eCommerce development, Magento gives top online payment solutions for different payment processors like PayPal, Paytm, Net Banking, credit card, and debit card.

4. Security

Protection plays an important role in the eCommerce store. Security builds up a loyalty between the customers and online retailers. The payment and transaction method on the website should be authentic for the customers regarding security. Magento maintenance services are not at all hard to understand. It is very smooth and easy to use. Magento CMS platforms update their security; policies and authentication systems from time; to time and break the security loopholes.

5. Personalized shopping experience

The eCommerce brand has tried the best to engage customers for a long time with their business. Their main focus is to give them personalized shopping experience in real-time. This gives customers a real sense of personalization and encourages them to buy products. So we can say that this particular trend somehow; helps the E-commerce enterprise to generate their profits.

6. Rich content and high-quality Image

No matter how smartly you created your Magento Store, it won’t help you; in generating the business until your website; doesn’t have good quality content and appealing product images. It is important to create rich and user-centric content to increase the visibility and sales of the online business. Apart from this, a high quality, relevant and eye-catchy image and images from different angles of the product help the customer to take an instant buying decision.

If your website doesn’t have a smooth user experience, there is a high chance of increment in the bounce rate. You will need to give customers a rich user interface and user experience in real-time. If your whole website didn’t load up in three seconds, there is a probability that you will lose your customers.
Along with this, your eCommerce web developers need to focus on creating a clean and simple, navigation system and fully optimized product to boost up the user experience of your Magento store.

7. Push Notification

Push notification is one of the important tools as it keeps the people remind about the updates of the store. It keeps the customer engaging in E-commerce applications. Whether it is about new product launch and special offers, push notification is capable of doing all this very vigorously.

8. Artificial Intelligence

AI is the trend of 2019 and it is the future of technology. It has the capability of transforming the eCommerce selling and buying process. AI has the power to understand user behavior. Besides; it provides digital; marketing strategies that can be helpful in the evolution of eCommerce trends.

9. Pop-ups and opt-in forms

Pop-ups on the landing pages are a great way to develop your conversion rates. Options in forms and other elements can encourage your visitors to perform an action that motivates them to buy products from your store.


The above-mentioned points are the trend deliberated for the eCommerce website. Magento is scalable and mobile-friendly software. It is best for eCommerce businesses. All these above points explained why E-commerce Magento is in trends. These are the reason why you should choose Magento development for your next e-commerce development project.

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