Nowadays, finding a suitable job is an exhausting task. If you plan on finding your next job with the old school method of visiting each and every company to hand in your resume, this is not a very efficient plan! Some of the job search websites and apps like or help users to search for finding suitable jobs in the market.

From the era of recruitment websites, now is the era of job searching apps. These applications are hitting the market and making great profits due to the growth of the mobile sector. Businesses that are planning to develop a recruitment app to grow their business to new heights are onto a good strategy. Developing a job searching app is however a difficult task. So to make your app stand out from the crowd, you must focus on the latest trends and features that the user wants.

The Recruitment Market Revenue and Popular Segment By StatistaThe Recruitment Market Revenue, Popular Segment, and ARPU By Statista

Before developing a job searching app, you must have complete knowledge about the architecture, tech stack and the cost of development. In this article, we will discuss all the important factors required for developing a job finding the application.

Essential Features of Recruitment Mobile App

Integrating your app with the latest features that your users love, is one of the most important steps in the development process. Since there are numerous features you can add to your app, integrating many features will make your app costly. Here is a list of some of the most important features, which you can integrate into your app to make it more flexible and robust. These will help you decide which features to include in your concept.

User panel

Sign Up/Login

The very first screen that pop-ups when users open the app. Users can register using an email address, or they can use social media credentials.

Edit Profile

Here users can add preferences and areas of expertise for searching the most relevant jobs.

Upload Resume

Users can create their resumes directly from the app, or they can upload a soft copy of the resume on the app.

Filtering Job

Users can filter by job types according to their preferences, like their areas of expertise, location, and years of experience.

Job Find mobile App Development company in USA and UKMail Resume

Users can also send the resume to various companies that suit their preferences to grab job opportunities.

Job Alerts

This section reminds users of the latest job updates in the market or when a recruiter contacts them.

Save Jobs

This is one of the important features of a job finder app. This feature helps the user to bookmark or save jobs for future purposes, saving your users much time.

The Essential Features For Recruiter Panel


Recruiters can use email or a mobile number for registration, or they can directly login with their social media credentials.

Uploading Jobs

This feature allows the recruiters to upload jobs according to available vacancies. Admin can post jobs on the job portal, adding experience and expertise requirements for specific job postings.

Job Posting Job Invitation

Recruiters can also send job offers and invitations to eligible candidates. Later, they can also schedule an interview with the candidates for the process of further process.

E-mailing Offers

Recruiters can also send job offers to eligible candidates according to the availability of vacant positions.

Filtering Resume

This is one of the most important features of a job finder app. From thousands of resumes, recruiters can select or filter to find the appropriate resume.

Payment Options

Recruiters can manage or edit payment options and plans. Services can be added or deleted from the membership plans by the recruiter.

Resume Download

Apart from searching or filtering the appropriate resume, recruiters should also be able to download the resume of eligible candidates to enable interview scheduling.

Essential Features for Recruitment Admin Panel

Top Recruitment App Development Company in UK and USADashboard

One of the most important and must-have features of the admin panel is the dashboard. From here, the admin can manage all the users, the recruiters, as well as data of all customers directly from the dashboard.


Another important feature of the admin panel is the CMS or Content Management System. Admins can easily manage and edit all the content on the app with the help of a CMS.

Job Ad Management

All the job advertisements displayed or running on third-party websites or apps are managed by admin.

Real-Time Analytics

All the reports related to jobs assigned, the total number of recruiters linked, jobs offered to users and job search strategy are analyzed and managed by the admin.

User Profile

All the information entered by the user is managed and verified by the admin. Jobs are sent to the user according to the preferences, and filters selected by the user.

Recruiter Profile

All the detailed related to the company’s core idea, address, license, and the profile of the recruiter is managed by the admin, to eliminate the chances of the fake job listing.

Review and Feedback

The Admin receives feedback and reviews from users and recruiters and then can work on them to make the app more flexible and robust.

Recruitment App Development Cost Estimation with Key Features

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Recruitment Mobile App Additional Features

Apart from the basic features discussed above, there are some other features also which can make your app more flexible and robust. Integrating these features into your app will be likely to make your app stand out in the market.

Multi-Language Support

Around 65% of today’s population is searching for a job. Since job seekers are from every corner of the globe, integrating multi-language support in your app gives you’re a business a much wider reach. This will help to attract many more users to your app.

Interview Scheduler

An extremely useful feature of job finder apps is where recruiters can schedule the interview of job seekers according to the date and time they are available, directly from the app. This will help to build a positive impression of your app on your users.

This feature focuses on the main ideation of every job finder app, which is to allow users to find a suitable job according to their knowledge and then schedule an interview with the company.

Premium Membership

You cannot miss this feature while developing a job finder app if you wish to make profits directly from the application. This feature allows users to get access to extra features, advanced services, early job application access, and even the ability to request new features for the app. These users may also be provided with more targeted and convenient job opportunities for their skillset and personal situation.

In-App Communication

Staying connected with your customers is very important. SMS, push notifications, or emails are several ways through which you can stay connected with users. You can update them with the latest emerging jobs, market trends and companies that they should be paying special attention to. This feature also allows you to directly communicate with the recruiter or the admin in case there are any queries or problems related to the app.

Cloud Integration

Integrating cloud technology in your app is the most convenient way of managing data in a secure manner. All the data of users, companies, recruiters, resumes, etc. is stored in the cloud for better and seamless workflow management.

A recruitment app integrated with a cloud management system makes the app scalable and robust. In addition to this, it also helps in monitoring and securing all the information and data that is stored on the server, thus making the business overall more safe.

Payment Gateway

Integrating multiple payment gateways into your job finder app is a very beneficial idea. Users can use various payment methods like credit/debit cards, net banking, and wallets to work with some of the premium services of the app.

Tech Stack for Recruitment Mobile App Development

Tech Stack for Recruitment App DevelopmentChoosing the right technology for your app can be a confusing and tedious task. Since there are numerous technologies that are available in the market, you may get confused while picking up the correct one. We have come up with a list of some of the best technologies that you can use for Recruitment App Development.

Technology Features
Nexmo SMS And Phone Verification
GWT Powerful Programming
Mandrill Everything Related To Emails
AWS Cloud Environment
MongoDB, Cassandra, And Postgress Database
Debian Universal Operating System
Datastax Data Management
Hadoop, Bigdata, And IBM Real-time Analytics
Braintree &Paypal Accepting Payments
Bandwidth, Twilio Push Notifications

Team Structure for Recruitment App Development

Finding the best mobile app development company is not about finding someone to achieve only one single task in the development process. There are several important aspects of the app development process within a recruitment app that will require several skilled individuals, like expert developers, creative designers, attentive testers and quality project managers.

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The functionality and flexibility of your recruitment app depend on the method used for the development process. You must find a company that uses an agile methodology for development. Here is a list of major team members required for building a robust recruitment app.

Cost of Developing a Recruitment Mobile App

Calculating or estimating the basic cost of app development can be an exhausting task. Since the cost varies as per the features that you desire for the app, it is difficult to calculate the exact cost. The more complex your app concept is, the more likely it is that the app development process will be lengthy and time-consuming.

There are various factors that affect the cost of development. Some of the common factors which affect the development cost are the specific features, the platform that the app is developed for, and the skillset of the team. If you are planning to develop a job finder app for just one of the native platforms, then it will definitely cost you less. On the other hand, if you are thinking of developing the same application for cross-platform, then this will increase the cost.

If you wanted the application to be available on both iOS and Android platforms, having the app developed in a hybrid cross-platform, can often be cheaper than having the app developed in two separate native technologies. However, native apps do offer many usability benefits over hybrid cross-platform apps.

The cost of developing recruitment or job finding an app for native platforms with the most basic features will cost around $15,000. On the other hand, an app for the most advanced and up-to-date features could cost anywhere from $30,000-$100,000.

Would you like to get a fully-featured and robust recruitment app developed by highly experienced skilled and proficient developers, who pay attention to detail and offer reasonable costs? If so, get in touch with us now to discuss your idea, receive feedback on your concept, and to get a free quote.