Welcome to a new era of recruitment where AI-powered job portal applications can filter candidate applications, sometimes better than human brains. Since the pandemic, the need for job portal mobile apps have risen to a new level and so does for job portal app development.

You might wonder that when several state-of-the-art recruitment apps like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn Recruiter, are already available in the market, why should one think of launching another similar application in this saturated market? Well, the truth is, the market isn’t saturated yet. New business models like job aggregators are aimed towards making the recruitment process more effective and cost-efficient.

With the International Labour Organization claiming that the pandemic will increase the global unemployment by around 25 million, there is expected to be a huge surge in the recruitment industry worldwide, and this is why niche focused job portals will thrive in the market.

Best Approaches To Online Job Portal App Development

In 2021, when there are several development automation tools and ready-made APIs available in the market, software development isn’t a straightforward approach of coding anymore. Hence, if you want to get the maximum ROI from your job portal app, it is necessary that you use the best approaches to get your

s developed.

Built an MVP first

Despite the fact that there are already several recruitment apps in the market and you can easily clone them for your app idea, it is sensible to build an MVP first. While launching a software product, you’ll always find challenges that remain in the dark until they occur.

Be it user experience optimization or app idea validation, launching an MVP before rolling out the fully functional app, is the best approach to job portal app development. MVP will allow you to get early customer feedback on your job finding app.

Use Agile with a touch of DevOps

In this fast-moving world, an app idea is obsolete within the next few years. With a shorter life cycle, your job portal app needs to be developed and launched within the least possible time frame. This is where the combination of Agile and DevOps comes into play.

With the Agile development approach, the development team/company will break down the entire project into several sprints, MVP being the first milestone for new products like yours. Every sprint lasts for around a week and at the completion of every sprint, the product is delivered to the client (you). This way you can be in tune with the development process and can receive feedback instantly, leaving no room for error in the final product.

The modern Agile development approach is often equipped with DevOps techniques which makes the delivery of every spring faster. DevOps is nothing but an approach to bring the development team (Dev) and Operations team (Ops) closer together. This improves collaboration and ensures that the software is built quickly and effectively.

Recruitment app development

Outsource the Development Process

When IT giants like Google and Adobe are outsourcing parts of their software development, it is the best approach to your job portal app development. However, selecting the right mobile app development company is the most important decision you’ll come across while planning to outsource the development process.

Outsourcing the job portal app development process has several advantages over building the software in-house. With in-house development, you’ll have to hire dedicated software developers that might not be of any use for your organization after the development is done. Hiring and managing the staff requires time as well as a significant investment.

An outsourcing model, on the other hand, allows you to launch your job portal app in a very short span of time. It is because the recruitment app development company that you hire will have expertise in developing software applications for the recruitment industry.

However, it is advisable to check the recruitment app development company’s portfolio before you hire them. Also, make sure that the company uses Agile as well as DevOps techniques to speed up the development process.

Top 3 Popular Job Portal Apps in 2021

1. Indeed

Indeed is the world’s largest job portal mobile app. It offers recruiters with free as well as promoted job posting options. With a pool of candidates as well as job board partnerships, Indeed is indeed the best option to look for talent across the globe.

best recruitment mobile app

The application boasts an effective applicant tracking system that allows hiring managers to manage the recruitment process efficiently. The recruiters can make use of the advanced conversation methods that help them stay in touch with the candidates, reducing the risk of losing candidates to other companies.

Moreover, the screening feature of Indeed app is remarkable. With this in place, the recruiters can create questionnaires for job applicants, which make sure that the recruiters receive the per-screened candidates.

2. LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn boasts more than 750 million professional users. Leveraging this vast amount of working professionals’ data, LinkedIn empowers recruiters to hire the best candidates available. Although LinkedIn doesn’t have a separate app for job search, the job search feature within the professional network’s mobile and web app is sufficient enough to cater to the demand of most of the recruiters.

Recruitment Mobile Apps

Among several unique features of LinkedIn, smart filters and spotlights are among the most useful features. They allow recruiters to identify active job seekers that match the skill set required for the job.

3. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a job aggregator app that broadcasts job posts to other job boards in the ecosystem like Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn. Other than broadcasting, the app also pulls job postings from these boards. This transfer of job postings from one board to another is facilitated by APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Recruitment Trend 2021

ZipRecruiter is said to have the best built-in applicant tracking system among all the job portals and boards available in the market. The ZipRecruiter app is very powerful as it allows hiring managers to post and track the progress of jobs right from the mobile app. Not only this, the managers can access and filter job applications from the app.


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Monetization Strategies for Job Portal Apps

Job portal apps

1. Membership

Paid memberships are the most effective way to monetize your job portal applications. The membership fee should only be applicable to the recruiters. Moreover, the recruiters that pay for membership are more likely to post jobs frequently on your platform, making it the favourable place for job seekers for job hunting. The membership packages can be of a variety of types. Here are some of the popular methods:

  • Access to X number of candidate data (Resumes and Contact Details)
  • X number of job listings a recruiter can make per month

2. Featured Listing

Many recruiters that don’t post jobs frequently, make use of these sponsored job listings. The featured listings are promoted by the recruitment portal via ranking the listing high on job search engine, promoting via email newsletters, and app notifications. However, this monetization model can be made more flexible using a la carte model. For example:

  • Make job listings appear at the top for a week.
  • Promote via email newsletters

3. Professional Courses

This monetization strategy is more inclined towards the job seekers. Your recruitment platform can offer various relevant courses for the job seekers. Your platform will seem more authentic with your efforts towards candidates’ professional development. You can partner with several professional learning platforms like Coursera to provide valuable educational content for the job seekers.

4. Third-Party Advertising

Most of the mobile apps out there are heavily dependent on third-party advertisement revenue. However, if you already have implemented the aforementioned monetization strategies, I would not recommend you to go with advertising. If you are opting for this monetization method, the best practice is to manage the ads on your own. No matter how efficient the Google AdSense looks, it’s not very good for your recruitment app brand imag

Online Job Portal App Development – Must Have Features

A] Job Seeker App Features

In addition to general features like job bookmarking and search, here I’m mentioning the must-have features for job portal apps.

Job Portal App Development

  • Social Sign-up and Login. Allowing new users to sign-up via their social accounts including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn will provide them with ease of onboarding.
  • Resume Management. Your recruitment app should not only facilitate the uploading PDF, JPEG, or Word format resumes but also allow job seekers to create their in-app resume. The in-app resume data can then be used to filter-out the candidates.
  • Advanced Job Search Filter. It is essential that your app enables job-seekers to search for jobs quickly. It is sensible to implement advanced filters (id est, required experience, keyword, salary, location etc) for job search functionality.
  • Video Profile Creation. Video resumes/profiles are trending nowadays and your job portal app should lag behind in terms of this innovative way of candidate introduction.
  • Personalized Job Notification. You should allow job seekers to choose what types of job notifications they would like to receive.

B] Recruiter App Features

Apart from the general features like job creation and seamless sign up, the recruitment app should have the following features to excel in the market.

Recruiter App Features

  • Resume Filtering. The hiring managers have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of job applications for a particular job post. Hence, your app can speed up the process by allowing them to filter the resumes out based on several parameters.
  • Applicant Tracking System. This is the most useful feature that you can incorporate into your job portal app. Studies have shown that recruiters prefer using the portals that provide them with an ability to track the recruitment process.

C] Some Advanced Features For Job Portal Apps

  • Resilient back end architecture
  • Document Scanner
  • CV Creation
  • In-app chat and video conferencing

Online Job Portal App Development Cost Estimation

To be noted that here I’m only mentioning the estimation of job portal mobile app development. The cost for the entire portal including a website is separate from this.

The precise cost to develop any app can only be calculated by analyzing the requirement document. However, the cost heavily depends on the features that you want to integrate into your job portal app, technologies you want to be implemented, and the geographical location of your development team.

        Factors That Affect Job Portal App Development Cost
Size of App  Type of Job PortalFeature Set Front-end Design
Tech Stack Used 


Platform  Prototyping Testing Process

As compared to developing the app in-house, the cost to develop a job portal app will be significantly lower with the outsourcing development model. Mostly, the recruitment app development companies make use of hourly-rate pricing model in which you’ll be paying for the total time taken for the development. The hourly rate for software development is illustrated in the following image.

Online Job Portal Development

To give you a ballpark figure, the online job portal app development will cost between $20,000 to $60,000, depending on which features are implemented. If you add the cost to develop a recruitment website too, the cost can go upto $80,000.

Tech Stack For Online Job Portal App Development

The following is the technology stack that we recommend for job portal app development.

Online Job Portal Development

  • Platforms to build for: Web, iOS, and Android
  • Front-end: Swift, Java, Angular, CSS, HTML, and React
  • Back-end: Laravel, Python, Node.js
  • Push notifications and in-app chat: Batch
  • Payment Processing: Stripe, Paypal, Braintree
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Cloud Server: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure
  • Social Integration: LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook


Developing an online job portal app that drives faster ROI is a must to ensure the success of your job portal app. The MVP approach, powered by Agile and DevOps methodologies, is the best way to launch your job portal app on time.

Developing the job portal mobile app might seem the best idea to you but it is spendthrift and inefficient. However, you would need to partner with the right job portal app development company to make sure that you get the best product. We at Nimble Appgenie are experts in developing recruitment mobile apps. You can visit our speciality section to find the recruitment development services we provide.

Lastly, you should brainstorm on the features you should incorporate into your job portal app MVP. After a successful MVP, you can roll out many other advanced features such as AI-powered job matching and chatbots.