If you are running a business and you want to generate more profits from your business then you must think of developing an e-Commerce application for your business. The app will surely help you to generate more profits with increased customer engagement for your business.

With the motto of targeting mobile-apps and first and website at second, many start-ups are also kick-starting their business with e-Commerce applications.

With the launch of e-Commerce applications in the market, most of the people have started using e-Commerce applications for purchasing grocery as well as home products. With these e-Commerce apps, users can easily buy products from anywhere and anytime whenever they want.

e-Commerce Mobile App Market

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Currently, in the United States, there are more than 124 million active users of smartphones and around 50 million tablet users. And if we look and the facts and figures provided by the Statista, more than 60% of smartphone consumers are using e-Commerce application for purchasing products.

ecommerce mobile app development company Bulgaria and DenmarkTop e-Commerce Apps in the Market

Talking about the top e-Commerce mobile applications in the market, they are discussed below.

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Renowned as a top e-Commerce application, Amazon provides a seamless shopping experience to its users. Being fast and super-lite, it allows the user to filter and search the desired product in a convenient way. The app also offers multiple payment-gateways for easy checkout.

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The app offers a great feature of online bidding to its users. Apart from this, the app also provides a search feature for enhanced buying and selling experience. Some extra features like bar code scanning for price comparison, auto-searching, linking PayPal account also makes the app more flexible and easier to use.

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Being an on-demand delivery service, Grofers picks up stuff from various nearby stores and delivers it to the user’s doorstep within a fixed time. Users can order dairy products, groceries, meat, vegetables and fruits, pharmacy items, etc. from the app and the products will be delivered to them in no time.

Key Aspects of e-Commerce Application

Product Image

Your app must provide a high-quality image of products to attract more customers. As users carefully check the image before buying any product, the high-quality image is the most important factor for which you must lookout. Integrating the zoom feature will also help customers in viewing the image with a closer look.

Buyer Persona and Market Status

Before launching the app, developing a buyer persona will help you in making your business work. You must target potential customers in the market and build the product these customers like. Observe their daily routine and their needs, it will help you to develop a flexible app with all the required features.


Before developing an e-Commerce application, calculate the total budget, select CMS, database, framework, back-end and frond-end languages for better development. Select whether you want to create an app for the Android platform or iOS or for cross-platform.

Knowledge of Competitors

You must have knowledge about your competitors who are indulged in the same market. Collect all the information about your customers like how they attract customers, their marketing strategy, and their methodology.

e-Commerce App Development

As the e-Commerce business is growing at a rapid pace, more and more business leaders want to develop e-Commerce application for their business to generate huge profits. With the tremendous features provided by VR and AR, e-Commerce applications have become more flexible and robust. There is no doubt that in the future, e-Commerce is going to rule the market.

Your perspective must be clear about developing an e-Commerce application. You must note down the following points before development.

  • For which platform you want to develop the app.
  • Your product types
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Your target products.

After defining above mentioned points, you should define the features you want to integrate into your application. Features are the most important factor that makes your app success in the market.

e-Commerce App Features

Basically, an e-Commerce application has three panels:

User Panel

Vendor Panel

Admin Panel

Each panel has its own specific feature which makes the app flexible for users as well as admin. Integrating these features in your app will surely make the app user-friendly and scalable.

e commerce web application development in Ukraine and PolandAdditional Features

Integrating Social Media

Apart from the one-tap login, the integration of social media can be helpful for users in other ways also. It doesn’t matter whether they use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, they can share special discount offers and sale details with their friends on social media. This will help in getting more user engagement on your eCommerce app.

Push Notifications

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Probably the most important feature that directly influences the success of any mobile application. Push notifications keep the user updated with the latest features, discounts, promotions, referrals, and updates. This will lure your customers to the app and will directly improve the user engagement on your app.

Multiple Payment Gateway Support

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If you are using limited payment options in your app then there is a chance that you may lose your potential customers. So, integrating multiple payment gateways in your app will surely help you in making your app a successful product.

Easy Registration

The customer wants to experience the app feature in an easy way. So, if your demanding a long list of entries on your registration page then the customer may decline using your app. Allowing users to login with two or three clicks via social media will result in increased user engagement.

QR Code Search

QR codes are becoming a new trend in the market. Users can scan QR codes to get information about the product they are looking for. You can also create a feature of allowing your users to search for a product by scanning the QR code.

Review and Feedback

Allowing your customers to review a product or provide feedback for a particular product will help you in making your eCommerce app more flexible for users.

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Live Order Track

Users can easily track the live status of their orders. In addition to this, users are also notified about the ETA, status shifts of the order via push notifications.

AR View

With the help of the AR view feature, users can view and observe the products at their home directly from the app before purchasing.

Team Needed for Developing an e-Commerce App

To develop a highly responsive app, you need a brilliant idea and a team of experts and skilled developers who can turn your vision into reality. An expert team of developers knows how to implement the required technologies to develop an e-Commerce app. here is a list of some crucial members that you’ll need for developing an app.

  • bigcommerce app development Romania and NetherlandsProject Developer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Backend Developer
  • Tester

Technology Stack

Technology Feature
Android, iOS Mobile Platform
IBM, Cisco, Spark, Hadoop Real-Time Analytics
MongoDB, Postgress, HBase Database
e-wallet, Paypal, GooglePay Payments
Twillio, Neximo Voice and SMS
Push.io, Twilia Notification
Azure, Google, AWS Cloud

Cost Of E-Commerce App Development

Cost Of E-Commerce App Development USA and UK


There is no denying the fact that the future of e-Commerce business is very bright. So, if you are planning to develop an app for your business, then this is the correct time you should start investing in app development for your business. If you have got an awesome business idea, then we can help you in developing a robust and feature full app for your business. Get in touch with us now to more.

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