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Which is better? Google play store or the App store?

Mobile App / 9/07/2018 mobile-App-london

When it comes to the choosing better store to launch and sell your app, there are only two main options.The first is the Google play store, where you can launch your app for Android devices.The second giant in this industry is the App store, where you can launch your app for iOS devices. Google launched the play store in 2008, with only a handful of apps. In March 2018, the play store had 3.3 Million apps available in play store and by 2016, there had been 65 billion app downloads. Apple introduced the app store in 2008 with 500 apps. Now it has been reached 2.2 million by March 2017, and the total numbers of downloads have reached 180 billion.

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How secure to have bio metric login in mobile app?

Mobile App / 7/07/2018 mobile-App-london

A few years back when pin and password logins were popular, there would be only one way to authenticate the user and login into phones. Around this time was when technical experts werestarting to create more secure and simpler methods to authenticate the login process for mobile phones. Then on 10 Sep 2013, Apple introduced the iPhone 5s with Finger Print reading functionality. And again after 4 years again Apple came up with Face ID recognition technology, when they released the iPhone X on 3 November 2017. Biometric logins are safe and easy to access. This method makes it easier for the user, as you don’t need to memorize a list of passwords and passcodes. We will further explain popular biometric authentication methods that are available in today’s market:

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It’s All about Developing an On Demand mobile app like:UberBOAT orUberEAT

Mobile App / 30/06/2018 mobile-App-london

There is no doubt that today,On-Demand applications are a part of every smart phone user’s life. They playan important role to make your life simpler and save you time and money. Uber is the most popular of the On-Demand apps in the transportation industry. Most On-Demandbusinesses are now using the same business model for their apps, even if their app is not related to transportation industry. These businesses are doing this because of the attraction of making money via adopting an already successful business model.

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Successful way to launch an Mobile App

Mobile App / 29/06/2018 mobile-App-london

If you are planning to develop and launch a mobile app then this article can help you in understanding the pre and post launch preparation for a successful launch. Every successful app idea requires a lot of planning, market research, strategy, coding and marketing. You should have blueprints or a complete road map which includes all of the steps that will be involved from app idea to app launch. Here area few steps that must be followed before or after the launch, even if you are only launching a new app or launching an advanced version of your existing app.

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General Data Protection Regulation

Software Developments / 26/06/2018 Software development in London

1. What is GDPR: General data protection regulation is a law created by the European parliament, introducing new GDPR rules in replacement of the 1995 data protection law. It highly impacts a large number of companies that capture and hold individual’s data. Now companies can not reveal individual’s data even if he is a consumer, provider or an employee. Companies now must make their data store and deletions policy is transparent. This will strengthen the rights of the individual..

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Why should I use React Native?

Technology / 25/06/2018 app Technology in London

Before selecting the technology you want to be used for your application, you need to understand the nature of your potential users that you are planning to target. In this instance, we are going to break users down into two categories.Users who prefer to browse the websites on their computer, and users who mostly uses mobile devices to browse websites. This is important, because in 2017, almost 75% of Facebook usage came from mobiles. React Native is a suitable solution for the clients who wants to develop Android and iOS mobile apps, butare on a limited budget.

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Need of the Geo Location services in Mobile apps

Geo Mobile apps / 28/05/2018 geo-apps-london

In the past few years, Geo location has become one of the most popular featureswithinthe Mobile App development industry. This is due to the multiple services that they can contribute to. The functionality has become a central feature of major services such as Apple, Google and Bing. Geo location is very relevant to youif your app concept relates to the Business, Social, Entertainment, GamesorReal estate industry. Next we will discuss how Geo Location services are used in some major industries:

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Eye-Catching Mobile App design

App design / 04/09/2018 App-design-london

A quality design is one of the important parametersthat a Mobile App must have to become popular. It is well known that users are becoming more and more demanding, and they are highly unlikely to give an app a second chance if they have had a bad experience using it. Therefore, it is very important to make an excellent impression on users with the app design.This impression can be made through an attractive designand an app that is easy to navigate around. Here are a few points we should keep in consideration during the mobile app design process:

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The Aspects of Web Development

Web Development / 04/05/2018 Web app development in London

The task of web development can appear to be as easy as generating an easy text page for your users to read, to create the most intricately designed applications and pages, the element that differs is solely your creative potential. Potentially, there are five major aspects to web development, there is web engineering, which is concerned with building the framework for supporting web applications and specifically the techniques and methods applied in the same. Then comes scripting and coding for both client and server side which basically includes generation and implementation of algorithms responsible for running the system automatically. Another crucial aspect is content development for the web which is basically researching for the appropriate and crucial information that you are going to be creating the website for in the first place. Before you move on to a final aspect of security and privacy, the part that we will be touching today is that of web design, which has been widely mentioned in the previous blogs, however, in this one, we aim to look at it from a wider perspective and understand it’s full scope.

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Best Apps for IOS (2018)

IOS App / 03/12/2017 iOS app development in London

IOS is one of the famous and most widely used operating system in today era. IOS have the very stunning features and awesome performance. There are many apps are designed for the IOS devices which can be improved the performance of device. There are most popular apps are available the varied interested of user. Many popular apps are offered like fitness, music, video editing, task management and many more things. There are best application you can download and install on your IOS mobile in this year.

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App Maker Trends

App Maker / 03/12/2017 App Maker in London

Nimble AppGenie fastest growing App maker and App Builder company in London. App Maker, Create an app for BlackBerry, Windows 8 Phone, Android & iPhone applications for mobiles and smartphones and publish to Google Play, iTunes and other app places. App designers and app developers specialise in building apps on mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, websites and HTML5 web apps.

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The infinite world of Android apps

Android Apps / 03/12/2017 Android app development in London

Droid buzz: Why the android market thrives?

Maximum number of users:The fact that android has the largest user base yet among all smartphone operating systems and has had the same for quite some time now isn’t hidden.

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I have a great idea, but no development skills!

Mobile App / 12/08/2017 Social networking app development in London

If you want to have a smart website or custom mobile app for your business, but you do not have enough technical knowledge to bring your app idea to life, then get in touch with Nimble AppGenie. The Nimble AppGenie team has extensive experience in building high-quality custom mobile apps and websites. We specialise in developing iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps, including the design, development, and deployment of your app. We have a strong understanding of developing apps for businesses in various industries. So whatever your business or app idea, we are ready to bring your business into reality.

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Developing a Minimum Viable Product for your App idea

Mobile App / 12/08/2017 Mobile app developer company in London

In most circumstances, we recommend that our clients launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of their idea first, before then moving to the app development of a polished product. By opting to first launch an MVP, this will provide you the opportunity to gain feedback and suggestions from users. Once you launch your application, you will realise that user feedback is incredibly valuable to the long-term success of your vision.

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The Mobile App Development market in London

Mobile App / 12/08/2017 app development company in London

The App development market for mobile devices has been boosted dramatically in the past few years, with more than 4.7 billion peoples using handheld devices in 2017. This increase in mobile use has created a large new market opportunity for your business. Having an app which represents your business allows you to reach untouched sections of your market. Applications allow your clients to directly interact with your business through their handheld mobile, which may lead to you now appealing much more to the younger generation. At Nimble AppGenie, we facilitate this transition by providing complete mobile design, web design and development solutions to our clients, whilst ensuring the values of the company our apparent throughout the design.

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iPhone App development cost

Mobile App / 10/03/2017 iPhone app developer in London

The cost of app development depends on acombination of things like the product features, functionalities of the application, the technology used for the application, the complexity of the app’s processes and the platforms that the app is available on. If you also want to have an app backend server and admin panel, this would definitely cost you more in comparison to owning a simple static app.

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Developing the right mobile app for my business

Mobile App / 12/26/2017 app maker in London

In todays development environment, 96% of your customers are using smart phones. These peoples are using their smart phone for finding local businesses, identifying products and services that assist their daily life rituals, and they use mobile apps which help them to optmise their time. Various kinds of apps are available today such as eCommerce, social networking, communication, live tracking, GPS, navigation, games and many more, which all help your customers achieve their objectives.

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How an on demand mobile app can increase your business growth

Mobile App / 01/05/2017 iOS app developer in London

The On demand economy attracts more than 20.4 million customers on an annual basis. These customers are spending more than $54.24 billion in the on demand economy every year. This industry brings services and goods to your customers at the touch of on button. On of the best exmaples of an on demand service is Uber. Uber helps it's consumers to hire a taxi in just a few clicks, and within a few minutes or at scheduled time, a taxi will be at your doorstep. By giving consumers control and freedom to schedule services when they wish, the delivery of the service is simpler, faster and more convenient for consumers.

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How can I make money with an app

Mobile App / 01/09/2018 app developer in London

Most app owners have this question in his mind in the early stages of considering their app idea, "can they make millions and billions with their app". It is true that you can earn millions or even billions from an app, even if the app is free to download. There are many app owners that are generating outstanding revenue through their mobile applications, and this article is going to help you in understanding the mobile app market for revenue generation through monetisation and app advertisement.

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How can you make your app successful

Mobile App / 01/09/2018 app maker in London

The Vast majority of app owner's want their app to be successful and often their success will be defined by making a great amount of money. This is understandable when you take into consideration, the hard work that is required to go into developing, validating and executing the app idea into a viable business.

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Do you have a smart website for your business

Mobile App / 01/12/2018 iOS app developer in London

If your answer is not then your business actually doesn't exist for online community and you are missing an opportunity to expend your business nationally or internationally. Not having a good website will keep you away from a large number of potential customers. A business website is a smart way to introduce your business to the world, as it helps people to see your presence even if they do not live in your area.

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What are the options available when it comes to choosing a technology for your mobile app development project?

Mobile App / 02/04/2018 iOS app developer in London

There are many programming languages available for developing mobile apps. Selecting the right programming language for the development of your app plays an important role in the app’s success. There are many reasons to have an app. It may be that interacting with a mobile app is how your customers expect to use your product or service. You may have a great idea of a social networking app or dating app for instance.

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How a slow website or app can keep your customers far away from your business.

Mobile App / 02/04/2018 iOS app developer in London

In today’s modern life smart phones and smart watches are an important element of our daily life. It was a huge revolutionary step made by IBM, when they introduced the first Symbian phone. After 15 years from launching the Symbian phone, Apple launched their first ever smart phone.

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