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01 Jul 2020
Jermaine Trotman

20 Remote Working Apps to Boost Work From Home Productivity

Advantages of Remote Working Culture

  • Improves employee retention
  • Possible productivity gains
  • Provide access to a wider range of employees
  • Reduces expenses on office space operations
  • Motivate employees
  • Convenience of locating sales staff near your prospects
  • Provide a better work-life balance for employees

Challenges with Work from Home Culture

  • Information security risk
  • Increase in telecommunication cost incurred by providing employees with mobile phones and internet connections
  • Challenge to work on staff development
  • Hard to monitor employee performance
  • Communication gaps due to lack of constant connectivity among employees
  • WFH (Work From Home) isn’t suitable for all types of jobs

50+ Apps that can help you overcome the challenges and streamline the WFH Jobs

Tools to Ease out Communication

1. Zoom

2. Slack

  • Store up to 10,000 messages
  • Can be integrated with 10 apps
  • Provide up to 5 GB of cloud storage

3. Microsoft Teams

  • Storing unlimited messages
  • 10 GB of shared + 2 GB of personal cloud storage
  • Integration with more than 250 business applications
  • Ability to facilitate safe communication with people from other organizations

4. Join.me

5. Google Hangouts

Feedback and Culture Management Apps

1. Doodle

2. Office Vibe

File Management Apps to Enhance Productivity

1. Google Drive

2. Box

3. Dropbox

4. Quip

Time Tracking Apps

1. Hours

2. Time Doctor

3. Hubstaf

Apps to ease out Task and Project Management

1. Asana

2. Basecamp


Other Productivity Apps

1. Tomato-Timer

2. Todoist

What are the Jobs that suit the Remote Working Culture?

Jobs that Suits Remote Working

  • Customer service
  • Telesales and marketing
  • Writing, translation, editing, and research
  • Consultancy work and professional services including HR administration and accountancy

Skills that are required from an Employee to WFH

  • Self-motivated
  • Sound knowledge of technology
  • Self-disciplined and punctual
  • Can keep constant communication
  • Able to elaborate issues and can help fix them remotely
  • Self-motivated

Wrapping up

Jermaine Trotman

Jermaine Trotman is the co-founder of Nimble AppGenie, a company renowned for its bespoke mobile app development and web development in e-wallet app development and fintech development.

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