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MM Arcade

Category - Beauty

MM Arcade is a gaming and social networking app that allows users to win cash prizes of up to $1000 a week. The app allows the users to play a game named Vanity Fair, which is a beauty pageant platform containing 10 different categories.


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MM Arcade can be easily and freely downloaded by users from the Google Play Store App. Moreover, the registration can also be done for free. Since the app is only available for the Android platform, it cannot be downloaded on any other platform.

Stand-Out Feature

MM Arcade offers a social media platform for users to win cash prizes worth $1000 every week. Moreover, users can also vote for their favorite contestants on the app to make them win the contest.


Sign In

In order to use the app, the user must register themselves in the application. They just have to enter basic details like the profile picture, username, email id, password, and gender to complete the registration process. After successful registration, users can easily login to the app using email id and password, to explore the features of the app.


Game Zone

Here the users can join a contest or they can vote for their favorite contestant to make him/her win the game. There are various categories available under which users can join or vote. There is no need to pay any amount for voting, butfor joining the contestant, users have to pay $2.9.



Under this section, contestants can view whether they have won or not. This section features the list of all the contestants according to specific categories. The winners are announced on a weekly basis and a cash prize is distributed to the winner of each category.


The Wallet

All the cash prize won by the user is directly transferred to the app wallet. Users can also add money into the wallet through PayPal. When a new user creates an MM account, they are awarded a M-cash of $1(In MM app $1=1000). The cash prize won by the contestants can be directly withdrawn with the help of PayPal.



To keep user’s personal data private and confidential, the app is protected with 128 bit SSL encryption security protocol. The users can add their debit/credit card details in the app for faster and safe transactions.

MM Arcade?Why?

Anti-Screenshot Feature

In order to protect your privacy, the app is integrated with the anti-screenshot feature. It prevents the app users from taking a screenshot of the contestant’s photo, making the app fully secure for contestants.

No Private Messages

The app also prevents users from sending a message to other users. You don’t have to worry about getting the bulk of unnecessary and inappropriate messages from unknown people or strangers.

Anonymous Voting

Some people don’t want to reveal their identity while voting for someone. The anonymous voting feature of the app hides the name and information about the people who have voted.

Registration Bonus

One of the most exciting features of MM Arcade is that as soon as any new user creates an account on the app, they are given bonus cash or a Mcash of M1000 into the app wallet.

Offer Promos

If you want to market your product or business, then MM Arcade is a good platform for this. The app offers ad promos or marketing to get your brand recognized in the market.