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E-Commerce Portal

Launch Date:
7th March 2021

Development Time
Three Weeks

The project was about providing Tech2Cash, an computing devices recycler, with a web e-commerce portal. When Tech2Cash reached out to us, they had their business strategy clearly defined, but their digital strategy wasn’t clear. Hence, we helped them formulate one that perfectly aligns with their business goals. As part of that strategy, we developed the e-commerce portal for them.

Mobile Responsive Web Interface

The target customers for Tech2Cash are those that want to sell their mobile devices and other gadgets quickly via the web. Due to the product details required to be entered for a correct quotation, our market analyst found that similar types of businesses favour web responsive systems rather than mobile apps.Hence, our market analyst, in collaboration with the client, decided to build the e-commerce web portal with a mobile-responsive design.

What We Put on Table

The mobile responsive e-commerce portal we built is expected to solidify Tech2Cash’s brand presence and image. This app will help the brand become a leader in their niche of providing a platform for selling and buying used computing devices such as mobile phones and computers.


Tech2Cash is an e-commerce platform where people can sell their used electronic devices such as Mac, iPAD, windows laptops, Apple TV, Android phones Macbook, gaming PC etc. The platform will soon facilitate purchase capability so that the recycled gadgets can be bought by buyers. What differentiates the brand from the competition is that they process payments to the sellers within 24 hours of the product arrival at the warehouse facility.

Adobe XD
AWS Hosting
PayPal Payment Gateway

The Technology

Business Challenge

Developing an e-commerce store wasn’t the challenge; the real challenge was to develop the store within a limited time and budget. As the business strategy of Tech2Cash was not to roll out the buying facility for a while (until they gathered enough sellers and stock), their entire business would not be generating significant revenue until new functionalities were added. Hence, it was necessary to launch the mobile-responsive e-commerce portal within the budget allocated.

Mobile Responsive Design Generated Tons of Engagement For Tech2Cash.

The Solution

To resolve the business challenges, we built Tech2Cash.co.uk, a mobile-responsive e-commerce portal where people can sell their used computing devices. The admin panel we built empowers the admin to manage the business operation, including inventory and user management. We integrated a PayPal payment gateway to allow Tech2Cash to accept payment globally. Also, the technical architecture is built in a way that it can easily incorporate a mobile app in the future.

Features We Incorporated

Minimalistic Design

Although the business idea is very similar to ebay, the web portal was required to be simpler as the product niche is limited to computing devices. Our designers at Nimble AppGenie used a minimalistic design approach to design the UI/UX for Tech2Cash.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness isn’t only about adjusting your website for mobile devices; it is about optimizing the website for mobile use, so that the users get the same user experience as the web. Therefore, we optimized Tech2Cash’s website to allow users to sell their computing devices seamlessly.

Product Description Form

Not every electronic device is the same; even the same models can have different characteristics. For this, we implemented forms where sellers can clarify their product type and specifications. Based on this information, the administrator can quote for the product.

Super-Easy Admin Panel

We implemented a straightforward drag-n-drop functionality to the Tech2Cash’s admin panel, which is easily customizable according to the admin preference. Using the admin panel, the admin can introduce new products to the e-commerce store.

Real-Time Synchronization

As soon as the seller asks the admin for a quote on their product, the admin panel SKU gets updated in real-time. This way, the admin is always in tune with the stock, and can make intelligent business decisions.

Sales Basket

For users that have several gedgets to sell, we’ve added a sales basket, where they can add multiple Apple products and sell them. The basket gives users a well-managed way to sell their Apple products.

Notification For Cart Abandonment

Around 3 out of 4 users abandon their cart. Isn’t it Scary? Therefore we implemented this feature to remind users about their sales interest. The users get notification over e-mail, mobile phone, and web browsers.

Blog Feature

Tech2Cash’s customers tend to have a lot of questions regarding the e-commerce platform. The FAQ page didn’t seem to have the potential to answer hundreds of questions. Therefore we recommended and implemented the blog feature to the website for users to find extensive information.

User Experience

Project Management Approach

Although agile project development is popular, we used the Waterfall project development methodology to develop Tech2Cash. It is best to use Waterfall when the client has precise requirements and a tight budget. This is why we used Waterfall for this project. By using this development methodology, we could deliver the project within a few weeks. Tech2Cash provided us with a well-crafted product requirement document that was finalized before the project kick-off. We delivered the project in five stages - Requirement analysis, UI/UX Designing, Development, Testing, and Deployment.

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