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logistics software development company

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Enterprise-level transportation and logistics delivery management software at scale. We accompany you in your digital transformation journey.

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Get Last-Mile Solutions to achieve operational transparency and efficiency

We develop software solutions that help you streamline your transportation and logistics operations. Our logistics delivery management software development services utilize IoT and AI technologies to help you stay tuned with your transportation and logistics operations.


These solutions are pointed towards mitigating the inventory handling issues faced by logistics service providers. We equip these solutions with barcode scanning, RFID tags, and IoT sensors.


These transportation apps are designed to streamline the shipment process. The transportation companies can save time and money by managing the business with transportation management apps built for their own needs.


We craft solutions that are equipped with precise geo-locating tracking so that you can leverage a transparent delivery system. Geo-fencing and Driver App are the major highlights of these solutions.

Scalable and Robust Architecture

The transportation and logistics management applications we create are built on a highly resilient and scalable architecture, which your transportation and logistics business can reliably depend on. Our shipping and logistics software will give you the precise information that you need every time you use it.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Let’s make it clear, we don’t sell technologies, we instead craft business solutions with the help of required technologies that solve specific pain points. What it means for you is that you’ll get the transportation and logistics management software that will drive faster ROI for the investment.

We Bring You Transparency and Efficiency

We are a renowned logistics software development company with an aim to assist you to grow your business at an exponential rate. Our logistic delivery management software can help your transportation and logistics business to achieve transparency and operational efficiency. We can help you in:

Automated Warehouses

Our logistics software solutions will help you automate your warehouse operations, including inventory handling and staff management. We are the top logistic software development company for providing solutions that will cut down your operational costs and will bring transparency and efficiency into your warehousing operations. Our solutions support API integrations that allow seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure, and therefore minimising disruption to your existing business.

Demand Forecasting

We understand the importance of managing the inventory levels to ensure there is an uninterrupted supply chain. Our goods transport apps utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to help transport and logistics companies understand seasonal trends, plan their monthly orders, and save time and cost that occur on re-ordering and stock-outs. These tools lead to you always having goods to supply and enable you to have an efficient supply management process.

Delivery Route Optimization

Having the adequate stock in hand is vital but delivering the goods in time within a small cost is a challenge for transportation and logistics companies. To help shippers with this, our logistics delivery management software leverages historical trip sheets and real-time traffic data to provide shippers and drivers with optimum delivery routes. The AI algorithms help to provide drivers with alternative routes in real-time.

Diagnosis & Alerts

Loss/theft of goods during warehousing and transportation is very common. To address this issue and save thousands of pounds for transportation and warehousing companies, we’ve fitted our shipping and logistics software solutions with video surveillance cameras and sensors which use IoT to detect thefts. The shipment tracking software automatically sends real-time text alerts to the managers.

Track Your Shipments

Our shipment tracking software lets you and your customers stay tuned with the delivery status of goods. Your customers can get the order details and current location of the goods by putting a tracking number within the application.

Enhance Security

Our GPS tracking and monitoring software empowers you to protect your vehicle and goods security. If an unexpected event occurs, you can provide your driver with immediate assistance. The real-time vehicle location tracking functionality will help you identify the where abouts of the stolen vehicle.

Gain Control Over the Assets

While the shipments are on the go, it is crucial for a transporter to know the exact status of the goods carriers. Our custom-built GPS tracking software will give you the command over your assets by providing you with real-time tracking capability.


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Enterprise-level transportation and logistics delivery management software at scale. We accompany you in your digital transformation journey.

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