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Fashion App

Launch Date:
20 November 2020

Development Time
Two Months

Native for Android and iOS

The target customers for Curvaceous Fashion is roughly an even split between Android and iOS users. Hence, our market analyst, in collaboration with the client, decided to build the app for both the mobile platforms. The brand wanted to provide its customers with an astonishing user experience. Therefore, a native application was selected for the development to maximise the app performance.

What We Put on Table

The native app we built is expected to solidify the Curvaceous brand presence and image. This app will help the brand become a leader in their niche of serving curvaceous women.

About Curvaceous

With a mission to make every woman, irrespective of their apparel size, feel confident in their outfit. Curvaceous Fashion created a safe online space where women could connect, shop, and feel good about themselves. Curvaceous Fashion is an online women's fashion brand, targeting solely curvy women. The brand says: Stop dressing for the approval of others , dress for the approval of YOURSELF!

Adobe XD
Swift 4

The Technology

Business Challenge

Curvaceous Fashion always believed in omnichannel marketing. Be it a brick and mortar store and its integration with a web store, Curvaceous Fashion is on top of it. Investing in a Shopify web-store has enabled them to gain access to more customers. However, considering the trend towards mobile app shopping and most of the traffic coming from mobile devices, there was an urgent need to introduce a mobile app to their marketing channels.

However, mobile wasn’t the challenge; the challenge was actually to find a cost-efficient way to build a highly responsive mobile app that can provide an astonishing user experience. The Shopify mobile app building solutions that are available in the Shopify store, do not provide the desired features that Curvaceous Fashion required.

Push Notifications Generated Tons of Engagement For Curvaceous.

The Solution

To solve the problem that Curvaceous Fashion reached out to us about, we built them a native mobile apps for both Android and iOS. The apps can be controlled and customized using the existing Shopify panel that Curvaceous was using for their web-store. We used Shopify APIs to feed our native apps with data. However, there was a challenge of data sorting and categorisation. The Shopify API was originally sending all the data in a single file that wasn’t categorised. Hence, we had to implement another layer to segregate the data into suitable sizes for integration with the Curvaceous application.

Feature Set

Native Mobile Experience

One of the prime reasons why customers love to shop via smartphone is the shopping experience. The Curvaceous Fashion mobile app provides a smooth user experience and utilises native capabilities for both the mobile platforms.

Continuous Theme

We continued the existing web-store theme onto the mobile apps, so that the visitor has a seamless experience while shopping via either web-store or mobile app. It also helped Curvaceous to keep its brand identity intact.

Share The Product

This feature allowed Curvaceous customers to share the products that they are viewing on the app to their friends and family. This generates free marketing opportunities for Curvaceous Fashion.

Super-Easy Admin Panel

We implemented a straightforward drag-n-drop functionality to the Shopify admin panel, which the Curvaceous admin can easily customise the mobile app pages with. The panel also has a ‘Preview App’ feature with which they can see the design before publishing.

Real-Time Synchronisation

Both the web-store and mobile apps use the same Shopify database. So whenever the admin adds a new product or updates SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), it also appears in the mobile app.

Rich Push Notification

Emails are saturated, and thus, the native apps for Curvaceous provided the ability to leverage free marketing with limitless rich push notifications. The push notification open rate for the eCommerce industry is more than 50%.

Notification For Cart Abandonment

Around 3 out of 4 users abandon their cart. Scary, right? But we implemented this feature as cart abandonment push notifications have five times higher success rate as compared to cart abandonment emails.

Back In Stock Notification

No matter if a product was out of stock for a long period or short period of time. Now, Curvaceous can always send push notifications about items getting back in stock. Such notifications have a very high conversion rate.

User Experience

Project Management Approach

For this project execution, we used the Waterfall project management methodology, which ensures quick delivery of the project. The waterfall model can only be used if the client has precise requirements. Since the beginning of the project, Curvaceous had a clear understanding of what they wanted to build. Thus, the waterfall development methodology was the optimum project management approach. Thanks to the waterfall, we could develop the entire project within a week. Curvaceous provided us with a product requirement document, which was finalized once we kicked off the project. We completed the project in five stages - Requirements, Design, Development, Testing, Development.