Since the cross-platform app development is the new trend in the market, React Native is also gaining popularity as it also has cross-platform application development. Also, most of the business is started with React Native due to its feature of flexibility.

Some of the world-famous apps like Skype, UberEATS, Instagram, Tesla, Airbnb, Tencent QQ, Walmart, SoundCloud Pulse, Baidu Mobile, etc. are built on the React Native framework. One of the main reasons for opting for this framework is that it helps in saving time, money, staff as well as resources. This technology uses some modern and traditional ways of developing hybrid apps.

Cost of Developing an App with React Native

React Native framework is one of the most cost-effective frameworks present in the market. If you want to develop a hybrid app but you have a tight budget, then you must go with this framework.

The cost of developing an app with react native framework depends on the functions and features you are including in your app. In India, the cost of developing an app with a react native framework is around $2500 to $4300 or the maximum it will be $5000. The cost can also vary according to the experience of the developer.

If you compare this cost with other countries, then India offers the most affordable costing for app development. You can hire a developer at a very low cost for your app development. The graph shows the variation in the cost of development between various countries.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Development

The functionality and features that you want to include in your app are the basic factors that affect the cost of development. Some various factors that also affect the cost of development are:-

  • Experience

Cost also depends on the experience of the developer you are hiring. There are so many developers in the market with a different experience. If you hire a highly skilled and experienced developer, then you have to invest a good amount. But if you are comfortable with a developer with intermediate experience, then it will cost you particularly less.

  • Support and Maintenance

Deployment of the app is not the end phase of the app development. The development companies also provide support to their clients all the time. For regular updates and bug fixation, you have to hire a company for some months so that the app works well in the initial phase. After that, you can hire them for providing updates only on a time to time basis. So the customer has to this factor also while developing an app.

  • User-Authorization

If you want to develop a basic app that does not require any login credentials or authorization, then the cost estimation will below. But if you want to add a login authorization feature in your app, then it will increase the cost as both the enterprise system development team and app development team has to make efforts in development and deployment.

  • Integration with Systems

This is another factor that decides the cost of app development. If you want a standalone app that can work independently without integration into your system or you want to integrate an app in your enterprise systems. Integrated apps are costlier than standalone apps as extensions, third-party APIs, host system app modifications are included in integrating apps with your enterprise system.

  • Add-ons

Custom Add-ons also affect the cost of app development. If you are planning to launch a customer app and want to add social media add-ons in your app, then it will increase the cost of app development. In addition to this, in-app purchases are also extra add-ons.

React Native Developer in USA and UK
Added Advantages of Using React Native Framework

These are some important factors that affect the development cost. But some more advantages make the react-native framework the best option available for cross-platform app development.

  • Agile Development

The code written in the react-native framework can be reused for various platforms. This reusability feature helps in saving development time of business owners. It saves time and cost for the developers. React Native framework cuts the development efforts by 50% by lessening the development cycle.

  • Produce Cross-Platform Applications

React Native offers cross-platform application development that operates perfectly on various platforms like iOS and Android. The app integrates some features of native apps to provide the best quality and flexible services to users. Since React Native was created by Facebook, you can rely on it for app development.

  • Web Project to Mobile App

React Native framework allows developers to reuse the code multiple times. The design of the app is so perceptive that the developers who are not included in the development process can also easily understand the program. It allows developers to easily transform the web program into the app.

  • Simplified UI

React Native framework is all about UI and UX. If you compare React Native with AngularJS, you will know that it is more like a JavaScript library than a Framework. While developing a mobile app, you need to follow a particular sequence of actions. React Native allows you to make the implementing order perfect. Also, the UI and UX designed with React Native are more responsive, loads faster, and provides a smoother and flexible experience.

  • Third-Party Add-on Support

Since the React Native framework is still upgrading it may lack some features in the core framework. But React Native supports the addition of third-party plugins in your app. Suppose if you want to add navigation features in your app, with the help of this framework you can easily integrate Google Maps in your app. Some of the most used React Native plugins are React Native Selectmen, React Native Vector Icons, React Native Router Flux, React Native Gifted Spinner, React Native Modalbox, and React Native Drawer.

  • Transposable Architecture

Modular development is a new technique that separates the operability of the program into various interchangeable blocks called modules. This technology carries some advantages like it makes the development process flexible, and developers can easily burrow each other’s projects also. The modular architecture of the React Native allows the developers to easily update the application according to new technologies and platforms. The modules can also be reused with both web and mobile APIs.

Cost of Developing an App with React Native in USA and UK
Top Application Developed Using React Native

Being the most reliable and flexible cross-platform application development framework, React Native is used by the world’s top industries. Here is a glimpse of the top application developed using React Native.

  • Facebook

The #1 cross-platform social media application used React Native framework for a better user experience. The app allows you to connect with friends & family and you can also post updates, photos, videos on Facebook.

  • Instagram

Another tech guru industry in the market that uses the React Native platform is Instagram. Similarly, like Facebook, Instagram allows users to share photos, videos, and let them connect with their friends online. There are more than one million users active on Instagram per month.

  • Uber Eats

The top-grossing food delivery app Uber Eats by Uber was developed using the React Native framework. The app allows you to search for local restaurants or your favorite food directly from the app and it will be delivered at your doorstep within no time.

  • Skype

One of the main reason why React Native is one of the most trusted cross-platform frameworks is that the Microsoft-owned Skype also uses React Native although they have their framework Xamarin. Skype allows you to communicate with your friends through messages, calls, and video calls.

  • SoundCloud

The largest music streaming platform SoundCloud with more than 150 million tracks and continuously growing was developed using the React Native framework. The app allows you to stream various songs, artists, and musicians all across the world.

Some Drawbacks of React Native Framework

We have discussed the advantages and benefits of using React Native framework for cross-platform application development, but as we know that a coin has two sides. Similarly, there are some cons to the React Native framework.

  • More Initialization Time

One of the most important disadvantages of this framework is that it needs more time for runtime initialization. Even if you are using high-tech devices, the initial rendering requires greater time. This is due to JavaScript thread need time for initialization.

  • Lacks Security

Since React Native is an open-source framework and a JavaScript library, it lacks in security robustness. If you are developing banking and financial apps, then you have to provide extra security to your app. Choosing another framework in this condition is a piece of expert advice.

  • Newly Launched

Since React Native is a new technology, it is still in its improvement stage and this sometimes has a negative effect on apps. Due to this sometimes the developers are unable to understand the functionalities of the new updates. Also, the developers are required to write extra native code for app development.

Cost of React Native App Developer 

The cost of hiring a react Native developer depends on the experience and location from which you are hiring. The basic cost of Freelance React Native developers varies from $80 to $100.

In 2019, the average salary of a React developer in the US is $120,000 per year ($61.54 per hour). The starting salary of a React developer is $55,000 per year, and the most experienced React developers earn around $204,000 annually. The below table shows the salary of React developers in the US annually.

State Average Salary
Washington $130,000
California $128,000
New York $130,000
Massachusetts $120,000
Texas $93,095
Missouri $146250


So if you want to develop an app but you are tight on budget, then you must choose to React native framework for app development. These are some factors that affect cross-platform application development. Nowadays most of the companies and enterprises are using React Native for the swift development of apps.

If you also want to hire a React Native developer for app development, then get in touch with us right now.

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